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Thefactsone.com developed in 2020, with a clear objective, to provide all authentic Facts related to World, Entertainment, and Science & Nature in one place.
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The Factsone is a growing knowledge base for the world’s most amazing, random, and interesting facts about animals, celebrities, fitness, food, games, health & so much more.

There are thousands of facts you can think of, from the cutest animals to the most dangerous crimes, there is indeed something to please everyone.

We care about the user experience and the quality of information, which is the main focus of Thefactsone.com. We have done a lot of work on this website to make it simple, functional, efficient, and good. I hope that you will enjoy your stay and use these facts to improve your knowledge.

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Hey, My name is Bhavesh Bharwani. I love to read facts from different sources. After reading facts from these different sources, from the last two years, I have a lot of facts with me. So I decided to share all the facts with you, which I have read from these different sources on a single platform.

I hope You enjoy these facts and gain some knowledge from it. If you have any queries related to The Factsone or any query related to any of the facts you can get your answer on the FAQs page, or you can contact us using the Contact Us page.

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