8 Amazing Food Discovered Accidentally!

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Did you even imagine, How many of the world’s foods have been accidentally discovered? This brings us to the top 8 Amazing Food Discovered Accidentally.
  • SandwichSandwich - Amazing Food Discovered Accidentally

Legend state it that, in 18th-century Aristocrat John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was sitting dead center in the middle of a heated card game, with no intention of putting down his cards much less leaving the table for food. Instead, he ordered his meat to be brought over and tucked between two pieces of bread. Others began to order the same as sandwiches. And, now low and behold carbs rule the fast-food world.
  • Caesar SaladCaesar Salad

Born on the 4th of July in 1924, over a busy weekend at a restaurant down in Tijuana. Caesar ran short of ingredients to finish a large salad but did not want to disappoint his customers. Instead, he made a new type of salad with everything he had left and prepared it for them right there at the table.
  • Flash Frozen VeggiesFlash Frozen Veggies

Halfway across the world in Newfoundland, Canada, Clarence Birdseye discovered the process of flash freezing vegetables. Fish that he and other local Inuit Scott would freeze almost immediately after being pulled from the water. From this experience, he theorized that vegetables must be frozen very quickly in order for them to retain their taste and texture. And he was quite right! Brilliant!
  • YogurtYogurt - Amazing Food Discovered Accidentally

Most accounts have traced yogurt to the Neolithic peoples of Central Asia around 6000 BC. As herdsmen began milking their animals and in turn, carrying the milk within other animal stomachs which is kind of gross and weird… The natural enzymes waiting inside curdled the milk essentially making it yogurt. They loved this new taste so the practice continued which then evolved over millennia into commercial yogurt as we now know it today.
  • BarbecueBarbecue - Amazing Food Discovered Accidentally

According to the Matt Santoro school of food mythology, there was a small boy who one day burnt one of his father’s Pigs out back on the farm. Why did the boy burn one of his father’s pigs? Maybe he was mad at his pops or perhaps they gave him a nasty look. At first in a panic, the boy poked at the pig for any signs of life toasting the tips of his fingers in the process and he instinctively cooled them in his mouth. But then the taste of the roast pig was discovered and the barbecue was born. The moral of the story is baking fixes all.
  • Raisinsraisin

The first commercial raisin crop sprung up in the San Joaquin Valley of Northern California back in 1873. As the stories say it wasn’t the man that grew them but nature when a great heatwave dried out a full harvest of grapes before the farmers could pick them. Intrigued by the grape’s new texture and taste, the San Joaquin farmers went into the raisin business and the rest, as they say, was delicious pruney history.
  • Potato ChipsPotato Chips

In the summer of 1853 at moons lakehouse in Saratoga Springs New York, a customer twice rejected moons famous fried potatoes complaining that they were much too thick. The offended chef cut the third batch of potatoes paper-thin dumped them in a vat of oil and cook them until they were crispy, thinking this will teach them. However, once served the customer took one bite than another finally proclaiming that the fried slices were delicious.
  • Chocolate Chip CookiesChocolate Chips Cookies - Amazing Food Discovered Accidentally

Save the best for last. Right! In 1937 Massachusetts innkeeper Ruth Graves Wakefield added pieces of chocolate to her cookie mix, hoping that it would melt and turn the batter chocolate brown. Instead, the chocolate held its shape and softened creating the classic cookies we all know and love.

Does anyone have cookies for me now? I’m really hungry!

And that’ll about do it for a list of Amazing Food Discovered Accidentally. Did you know any of the food that was discovered accidentally? Do let us know in the comment box below. Share this article with your friends… Till then stay safe and keep learning!!

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