10 Amazing Chicken Facts You Didn’t Know About!

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10 Amazing Chicken Facts You Didn’t Know About!

Hey Guys! Some people know chicken as the bodybuilder’s trademark diet and others see it as a slightly less toxic sandwich at the drive-thru. But it almost always comes back to food, and yeah they’re certainly loved around the world, for how they taste and clean nutritional value.

But before getting to the dinner table check these 10 chicken facts You Didn’t Know About:

  • Chickens are Descendants of DinosaursAmazing Chicken Facts

Oh Yeah! You didn’t see that one coming. Did you? Well, the theory of birds as descendants of dinosaurs made famous by Jurassic Park. It is just referring to seagulls and Raptors but birds of any kind and the chicken are currently believed to be the closest living relative to none other than the one and only tyrannosaurus rex.

To put an end to the age-old question though, Which came first the chicken or the egg? Well, all vertebrates have eggs and the hard-shelled variety first appeared among reptiles. And since we just learned that chickens are descendants of these massive prehistoric reptiles, the egg did in fact, come first. And now you know!

  • Chickens have been Farmed for 8000 YearsAmazing Chicken Facts

Okay, so chickens didn’t exactly roam earth 65 million years ago with the rest of the dinosaurs, but they’ve certainly
been around for quite a while. In fact, scientists believe chickens were first farmed about 8,000 years ago.

Nowadays nearly half a billion hens are farmed, each year for eggs around the world.

  • Chickens are taking over the WorldAmazing Chicken Facts

Thankfully they stayed small because now chickens are taking over the world. Chickens are approaching a worldwide population of more than 25 billion. It’s a good thing chickens aren’t much taller or they might put up a good fight. There’s no reason to fear them, but if you do just know that you’re not alone as the fear of chickens is called Alektrophobia. Yeah! That’s a real thing.
  • Hens can lay more than 300 eggs per yearAmazing Chicken Facts

It’s a good thing that they’re not all laying eggs at once though. Most productive hens can lay over 300 each year. So what’s that exact amount? There are not enough digits on your calculator for that.

In 2009 according to the US Department of Agriculture over 90 billion eggs were produced in America alone. That’s a lot of omelets! I’m hungry I’m gonna go grab one.

  • Eggs are laid at 105 DegreesFacts About Chicken

Nobody likes eggs cooked cold. But you might not like them hot off the presses either. A freshly laid egg can be as hot as 105 degrees Fahrenheit which is 40 degrees Celsius, to put that into perspective that’s hotter than most hot tubs reach. Yeah, stuff that into your Huevos Rancheros!
  • Eating chicken is Super TrendyAmazing Chicken Facts

Chickens weren’t always exactly fast food, In fact, chickens were raised primarily on family farms until the 1960s. And before the 20th-century chicken was only served on special occasions or typically reserved for a Sunday dinner. But those chickens have come a long way because in 2004. The chicken was the first bird to have its genome sequenced. supercool!
  • Americans eat over 8 Billion Chickens a YearAmazing Chicken Facts

8 billion! And for the first time in a century Americans are eating more chickens than cows. yeah I know I’m getting tired of eating all that chicken too. But these are always delicious. P.S. if Cooked properly.
  • Chickens are OmnivoresFacts about Chicken

Okay, you get it we eat a lot of chicken.  But the question is what do the chickens eat? As omnivores, they don’t limit themselves to just seeds and insects but are even bold enough to prey on small mice and even lizards. But they wouldn’t like sweet and sour, uh…. well themselves. Because chickens can’t taste sweetness.
  • Chickens experience REM sleepAmazing Chicken Facts

Maybe they can’t taste as much as us, but their eyes were just fine. Chickens not only see full color but they even experience REM sleep. But I think the real question is, what does a chicken dream about? I like to think it’s a happy peaceful world filled with hamburger eaters.
  • Roosters dance for the HensAmazing Chicken Facts

This little dance is known as tit bidding. Yes, that’s the real word for it. It’s of course done to call the attention of the hens. They’ll make sounds move their head up and down picking and dropping bits of food.

Researchers have found that the hens prefer frequented bidding and roosters with larger brighter combs on the top of their heads. Scientists think that the Roosters waddle you know that the dangly bit beneath its beak helps to gain a hens attention when he’s tit bidding.

Amazing Chicken Facts

Well, there you have it 10 incredible facts about the world’s most popular bird! So next time you’re about to chow down on one take a moment to consider the long history of this funky little dinosaur.

If you like these facts about chicken tell us in the comment box below. Share these incredible chickens facts with all the chicken lovers… Till then stay safe and keep Learning!

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