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AnswerYes, but please make it clear the facts came from The Factsone and give a link credit back to the original article or our homepage.

Answer. Yes, but again, please make it clear that the facts came from The Factsone and give a link credit back to the original article within your video description.

Answer. Absolutely, we do not take our own photos for this website and always try to find royalty-free images, but if we’ve made a mistake and we have used an image that you own, please Contact Us and we’ll remove it immediately.

Answer. Awesome! Please visit our Contact Us page, and include examples of your writing, and any topics you find enjoyable to write about.

Answer. We get our facts from everywhere! Although the main sources for our facts are included within each article we post.

Answer. You can request facts about anything! If we like the sound of it, we’ll do our research and publish an article. Please use our contact page & choose “I want to request facts about….” as the subject.

Answer. Sure! We love hearing feedback from our readers! Please send us your ideas!

Answer. We’re only human, and occasionally do make mistakes, but if you’ve found a fact that you think is incorrect, please let us know and we’ll check the fact. If the fact is incorrect, we’ll replace it with a different one.

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Answer. The Factsone was started in April 2020, with a small goal of sharing facts we found interesting. To find out more about our history, please visit ours About Us.

Answer. If you’ve got any issues at all whilst browsing The Factsone, please contact us and give as much information as you can.

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