Top 13 Great Inventions of India!

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Top 13 Great Inventions of India!

We all know that India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a super-rich culture and History. But did you know that some of the stuff you use every single day was invented in this country?

From The Button of your shirt to the shampoo in your shower. Read this article till the end to know some of the great Inventions of India.

In this article, we will see Top 13 great Inventions of India… These inventions are related to various fields like games, health, and fitness, education and some of them are our daily needs to use things.

So without any delay, Let’s move to list of Great Inventions of India:-


Buttons - great Inventions of India
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This clothing staple is at the top of our list. So simple yet revolutionary. The first button was found during an excavation in Mohenjo-Daro one of the largest settlements in the Indus valley civilization yet again.

Over 5000 years ago Buttons were made up of seashells, used as an ornament, and not for fastening clothes but they had two holes In the middle right from the start.

2. SNAKE AND LADDERSnake and Ladders

This game was invented by 13th-century poet and saint by the name of Gyan Dev. It was originally known as Mokshapat. The snake stood for vices while the ladder stands for virtues. During India’s time under the British rule, the game made its way to England and later to the US.

3. CHESSChess

Another popular Board Game bought for us by India. this all-time top game for intellectual is also an Indian Invention. Its ancestors were called chaturanga and it was a strategic board game popular during the Gupta empire around 6th century AD.

Like chess, we know today this game has various pieces with different values and capabilities. It also had important king figure and winning the game depend on the fate of the king

4. Flush Toilets

You can probably see by now that Indus valley civilization came up with so many genius inventions and flush toilets were one of them. Believe or not home toilets connected to complicated sewage systems with canals irrigation and smart water management. Existed in the land of spices over 5000 years ago. Pure Genius….

5. THE ZEROZero - great Inventions of India

People in ancient times had always thought that there should be some sort of sign to Indicate nothing. Well, their worries were put to rest in the 5th century AD when Aryabhatta an Indian Genius of Maths and Astronomy Invented the Zero as a symbol to represent nothing. It made addition, subtraction, and a slew of other mathematical operations a whole lot easier.

You can see the oldest Zero in existence carved in the wall of a temple in Gwalior, India.

If you’re not a big fan of math and the invention of the zero seems like nothing too important to you, just think without it we would have no Binary System and no Computers… how you like that Zero Now?

6. RULERRulers - great Inventions of India

The Indus valley civilization was using rulers in 1500 BC and Earlier. Made from Ivory these rulers were found during excavations in what is present-day Pakistan and northwestern India.

They were widely used in architecture with pretty amazing accuracy. They had units corresponding to 1.32 inches that were marked with extremely precise subdivision within five thousand of an inch


In the 6th century BC. An India Physician name Sushruta created a huge book on medicine and surgery. It was one of the world’s earliest works of his kind. Sushruta often called the father of surgery in India.

Sushruta described the use of hundreds of medical plants and instruction for performing surgical Procedure including nose reconstruction and skin transplantation from one part of the body to another.

The original method of rhinoplasty that involved taking the piece of skin from the forehead to reconstruct the nose is even still used today. But, Back than nose jobs were done to help people who had been deprived of their noses as a punishment of theft or adultery…


Sushruta not only invented Plastic surgery but also performed first Cataract surgery. He used a curved needle to remove the lens from the affected eye. This revolutionary procedure soon became the popular Outside of India.

Patients and Doctors from around the world visited the surgeon to get operations done and learn from his experience. The genius surgeon never turned anyone away. He said that he got all his knowledge from the god of Ayurvedic medicine Dhanvantri.

9. NATURAL FIBERSNatural Fibers - great Inventions of India

Nothing feels better than the touch of natural cotton on your skin. We could have been deprived of this situation if it weren’t for the bright minds of India, unlike the ancient Greeks who wore animal skins.

The Indians started cultivating cotton back in the 4th and 5th centuries BC. They used cotton threads to produce a fabric that soon became a huge hit in the Mediterranean and beyond. Jute and wool also have their origins in India. The finest and most exclusive type of wool comes from the Kashmir region of India.

10. YOGAYoga

Keep Practising yoga and see the positive changes in your life. Then you should thank India for it. The first yoga guru was Lord Shiva also known as Adi Yoga. People In Northern India Were Practising this spiritual exercise over 5000 years ago.

The word yoga was even mentioned in the Veda’s, India’s Oldest sacred text. The Brahmin further developed the art of yoga and documented there experiences and Treatise with 0ver 200 records.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Came up with an idea to celebrate yoga day on June 21st and its now an actual international Holiday with millions of followers

Fun Fact:- You know, India holds a Guinness World Record In Yoga.

11. SHAMPOOSHAMPOO - great Inventions of India

The word shampoo comes from the Hindi word Champo which means to massage or kneads. The substance was invented in India in 1762 and was originally used for head massages Hence, the name.

The first shampoo was made of natural oils and herbs. British colonial traders fell in love with the idea and bought it back with them to England. It took years for the original head massage oil to evolve into shampoo as we know it today.

But the fact is a fact you have the Indians to thank for the beauty and cleanliness of your hair.

12. WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONJagdish chandra Bose

When you think of Pioneer of radio communication Guglielmo Marconi probably immediately comes to mind and that’s for good reason of course. He also received Nobel prize in physics in 1909 for his innovative work.

But Sir Jagdish Chandra bose Presented his discovery of radio communication wave to the public in 1895. He sent an electromagnetic wave across 75 feet at the town hall in Calcutta. The wave passed through walls, rang a bell, and ignited some gunpowder.

Marconi uses Bose’s Invention the mercury coherer as a pattern to build his operational two-way radio. Bose never pattened his work so he was only credited for his discovery a century later.

13. USB

USB - great Inventions of India

The USB or Universal Serial Bus is way more recent invention than wireless communication of course. It was bought to us by Ajay Bhatt an Indian American Computer genius that was working as an engineer for Intel Back in the 1990s.

He Came up with the idea of Universal port for devices as he was putting an SD card into his computer. Remember those things? The device instantly became a huge hit. But he didn’t get money or official recognition for his invention. As he was always insisted that it was the result of teamwork.

Today the number of USB Devices used worldwide is over 10Billion items, making it the most used computer gadget out there.

So, are there any inventions on the list that we can’t live without. Let’s Discuss In the comment section.

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