Bull Surfing in India? Top 10 Strange Things in India!

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Top 10 Strange Things in India

So, Here is a fun riddle for you.. Where in the world women wear wedding rings worn on the toes and people surf bulls instead of the wave?

It’s India and it’s a place full of odd customs and curiosities and has some amazing facts. You probably didn’t know them? And guess what? Today is your lucky day…

Here are Top 10 Strange Things in India

Starting with…

#1 The tone of Indian English

India is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world second only to the US. In a country with approximately 880 languages, only 22 of which are officially recognized. It’s no wonder that Indian English can sometimes tickle your ear strangely.

For instance, if a person starts talking to you with a weird “yaar” sound, Just Relax! It’s just the Indian way of saying “hey dude”.

Indians would probably ask your name with the phrase “what’s your good name” and no that doesn’t mean you have some kind of a bad name, That you somehow earned. It’s just a way of being polite.

And when an Indian person finally starts addressing you by your first name. They add “Ji” after your name to show how much they respect you. Ah! My Dear, The Factsone Ji.

#2 Beautifully Adorned Toes

Beautifully Adorned Toes - Strange Things about India

Bichiya – Strange Things in IndiaIn India, when two lovers decide to marry each other, the groom should put a wedding ring on his bride’s toe. Yes!
This is the custom. These wedding rings are called “Bichhiyas” and each bride wears them on her other toes as a sign of her married state.

There are other kinds of toe rings in India too… Some men wear them on their big toes in a belief that it’ll boost their strength and vigour. Indians are famous for their love of gold but toe rings are mostly made of silver because it’s inappropriate to wear gold below the waist.

 #3 Unbreakable Promises

Most people in India believe that there is a lot of power within a spoken word, and if you break a promise you will make spirits and gods angry.

The most powerful promise is a mother’s promise. So, if an Indian person swears this, you consider them better. If you don’t want to be rude………

#4 6 Seasons

6 Seaons

6 SeasonsAccording to the Hindu calendar, there are 6 seasons in India. Starting from summer, Autumn, Winter, Monsoon, spring, and prevernal(comes after winter).

This spring is called the king of seasons and it is the best time to visit India if you want to see Holi Festival.

#5 Holy RatsHoly Rats - Strange Things in India

I know it sounds absurd… So, let me explain! According to an ancient Indian legend the mighty and worshipped warrior sage Karni Mata, tragically lost her stepson Laxman, when he accidentally fell in a pond and drowned. Karni Mata was in such grief that she begged the gods to save him.

Well! they did but on one condition. All of her male children would be reincarnated as rats.

That’s why there is a temple, devoted to Karni Mata in Deshnoke, in the Indian state of Rajasthan is known as Rat Temple. Here you are going through a huge hall completely covered in rats, but people here are happy to come and share their food with these sacred long-tailed rodents, a might be a relative.

It’s a particular honour to come across and feed the rare white rats in the temple, they’re believed to be the true reincarnation of Karni Mata and her son’s.

#6 Bull Surfing

If you ever go to the village of Anandapally in South Kerela, after harvest season then you might be able to watch some bull surfing.

How do you surf a bull? Very carefully! I’d guess. You see first off they make a track on a flooded field that becomes pretty much a big muddy swamp. Then teams, Yeah! It’s a competitive sport, compete to stay on a board being pulled through the water by two bulls.

These jockeys are trained for this event, and the Bulls are groomed and cleaned with their horns being polished, nice, and shiny. It doesn’t last very long!

#7 Serious Wildlife Conservation

India gets a lot of criticism for its pollution problem, which there’s no denying that it’s a serious one. But that doesn’t say anything about Indian people’s attitude towards wildlife. There are 104 national parks in India, with over 15,000 square miles of overall coverage.

Some of the rare animals in India are, like the bizarre-looking purple frog, the smallest pig in the world: the pygmy hog, and the largest living bat: the Indian flying fox. These endangered species are in severe need of protection, and India has proven itself very capable of wildlife conservation.Indian Flying Fox

Just take the country’s national symbol as an example, In 2010 there were only between 1700 and 1900 Bengal tigers left in the world. But those numbers are now up to around 2,200 the Bengal tiger and is still considered endangered even though it’s the biggest tiger species in terms of numbers.

So, you can imagine how grave the situation is for its cousins elsewhere.

#8 Towers of Silence

Tower of Silence - Strange Things in India
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India is not only home to rare wildlife species but some uncommon ideologies – one of them is Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrians believed fire and earth to be sacred fundamentals. So it’s very bad for them to bury or cremate their departed.

The solution they came up with was to build towers of silence, for the deceased. These towers have no roof so that nature can step in and do the work as an undertaker. The only towers of silence still functional to this day are in India.

#9 Pageants for True Beauties

Beauty Pageants

Hey! What’s more beautiful than a huge Indian elephant? Can’t think of anything? Hmm! That’s a tough one! Well, the only real answer is, The most beautiful Indian elephant, Of course! There’s a contest dubbed as such that happens each year on the full moon between February and March, and this pageant is a key part of job Horus famous Indian festival.

Nowhere, else in the world are these gorgeous Giants celebrated like they are here. People get down to work preparing for the festival by cleaning the elephants and decorating them with an array of stunning embellishments and clothes. They even paint colourful designs on them. Then everybody votes for the most beautiful and gracious elephant at the festival.

It’s nice to know that these kind and helpful creatures can get so much respect and love.

#10 Spa for Elephants

As we know Indian organize pageants for these beautiful creatures… But they also have a fully dedicated spa for Elephants! Yes! you read t correctly.

At the Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard Rejuvenation Centre in Kerala, Elephants receive Bath, massage and, food. India is like heaven for Elephants!!!

So, According to you What the most amusing and Strange things in India? Do let us know in the comment box below…

Till then Stay safe and Keep Learning!

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