Why do Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves? Top 3 Reasons!

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Why do Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves?

When you see cartoons, you may start to wonder things. Like, why were not Aladdin’s nipples? And why are such strange toes in Cinderella and Mulan?

Besides, how are some Disney cartoon characters have nails and not others And on the subject of fingers, Have you ever wondered why so many classic cartoon characters wear gloves?

Have you ever noticed it? Mickey and Minnie, Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker, even the characters of the recent game Mario and Sonic are wearing gloves all the time.

Why do Cartoon Characters Wear Gloves?

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Wearing gloves is quite common among cartoon characters, made in the early 20th century. But have you ever wondered how this Puffery accessory became a standard in the animation business?

A video was published by VOX. This video tells us that:-

There is a very intense or labor-intensive procedure with any type of animation, even a computer,”

And gloves are easy to animate easily with hands. When you are pulling good old gloves, you should not worry about details like nails and knees. Animators will be easy to get where they can get it. Therefore, the ocean of gloved hands in the cartoon.

It is not the only reason that gloves became popular as cartoon character accessories. When all animated movies were black and white, the colorless world gives an animation problem.

“Characters were in black and white movies, it was difficult to see against their black body,”

So giving Mickey Mouse white shoes and white gloves make it easy to see what he’s doing.
Even when Mickey stepped in to paint, they kept his iconic stuff, as there were many cartoon characters who came in the black and white era.

Apart from this, gloves help cartoon animals in anthropomorphosis.

From summarising that video we find there are three main reasons that many cartoon characters wear gloves: save time for color contrast and because gloves give human characteristics to non-human characters, such as mouse or duck.

Let’s explain each one differently:

  • Gloves save time


When every single frame was pulled by hand in the day, the cartoon artist was constantly trying to find some techniques that would speed things up.

These techniques really shaped the style of cartoons, as we know them today. One of these techniques, for example, was making things more round and a notable example was Felix the Cat, which was once a very box-shaped character, but as it was becoming more popular, its animators Decided to make him a more spherical character.

It continues the design of many cartoons with a very spherical head and body as well as spaghetti-style weapons.

As soon as the gloves came in hand he saved time for the animators and did not let them go in detail while designing cartoon weapons.

  • Colour contrast

bugs bunny

At the age of Black & White, gloves helped to provide color contrast. Because their hands were difficult to see when white gloves were added to the cartoon in front of their black body, so even when the characters were holding their hands against their chest, their hand would still be visible to the viewer. Many cartoonists agree that this is the main reason that gloves are worn by cartoons.

  • Give human characteristics to non-human characters

    Donald Duck

Walt Disney’s 1968 biography “The Disney Edition” is another important reason for wearing cartoon characters gloves. As Walt Disney points out, Mickey Mouse is a non-human work. So they did not want to have mice in their hands, because they were going to become more human. That’s why they gave him gloves, which are a very smart move if you ask me.

So here you have it. Animation businesses put white gloves on our favorite cartoon characters, these are the three main reasons.Micky Mouse

Hope you enjoyed reading about your favorite cartoon characters. Tell us which is your favorite cartoon character in the comment box below.

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